The Life of my Two Feet

I love my feet.
They deserve to be seen.
What better way than with
feet selfies :)

Anonymous asked: Your from San Antonio?! Me too! Let's rub our feets together

Yes, I am! Wow! I have yet to meet or come in contact with a fellow San Antonian! How awesome! You rub mine first haha!

cacoinside asked: man! I have to say, such a perfect foot!!!! When u come to brazil i'll be glad to suck your toes e lick those perfect feet!

Yum! Sounds like a deal! That would be a great welcome to Brazil :)

Early morning workout. Good morning!

Early morning workout. Good morning!

Half clothed

Half clothed

lovemetaphor asked: No, I don't love your feet blog! Yuck!

Oh, well. My feet aren’t for everyone. But thanks for checking them out :)

bkcfootguy asked: I'm in Houston! I'd love to worship your feet !!!!!!!!! Let me know

Hmmm, Houston is only a few hours away. If you ever make it to SA, let me know and we can let the worship begin 😊

Anonymous asked: Do you enjoy submitting people to your feet ? ( even a straight guy, apparently lol that's hot)

Yes, I do. I think that’s the perfect way to start on my body. I like to see them enjoy my feet. “You’re at my feet and now you have to do everything I want.” Add a straight guy and bam, ULTRA HOT!

Anonymous asked: Artik ayaklarini sevmiyorum!

I have no idea what you said but you seem excited so I’ll take that as “I love your feet blog!”

tbshim asked: I never go anon seeing as i hate it so much, but i got to say, tumblr recommended me your blog and i have to say that i am pretty glad they did!! just the first couple of pictures made me glad to follow you! you have great feet ^_^

Thank you and thanks to Tumblr! I’m so glad you are enjoying my blog. I hope you keep coming back to check it out. Well, to check out my feet, actually 😉